Bachelor In Paradise Ep 9 – The Fight For Magic.

We are bursting with excitement waiting for tonight’s episode after the jaw dropping rose ceremony last week. What a turn of events that was, and now we can finally see the aftermath.

With Michael giving a rose to Lisa, blind siding Luke, we were all wondering who she would chose. Michael was the first to choose someone who was already in a couple and mess with the dynamics and mate-ship in the house. That being said, Luke and Lisa have a strong connection and are still invested with each other to be in this relationship outside of paradise.


Todays date card is going to Eden, which of course he takes Elora since he gave her a rose at the latest rose ceremony. Little does Eden know that Elora is waiting for Apollo to come into paradise, as if she knows he is already coming. Their sand boarding date is looking so awkward, he wants her a lot more than she wants him and it is obvious that she is holding back and distancing herself from him. Eden is probably overflowing with affection after holding it all in while he was with Nina, and all he wants to do is be touchy-feely with Elora and feel appreciated, but she is not having any of it. Eden has gone from one cold hearted lady to the next, how sad he must feel.

Elora doesn’t want to talk about her feelings with Eden and hurt him as he is so far into the friend zone he might as well be the president of friend zone. He has some serious crazy eyes going as he begins to start a food fight and brighten the mood. That will haunt my dreams. If someone threw food at me I would be fuming, I don’t want food all over me. Not cool.giphy39

Simone isn’t feeling a spark or deep connection with Jarrod and doesn’t know who she wants to get to know. Her type are normally pretty boys but with the right guy she is ready for a relationship.

We hope you are ready for some magic, Apollo has arrived. The ads on tv have been showing this all week and we can finally welcome the Greek god to paradise.

Elora came on the show just to meet Apollo and she is currently on a shitty date with Eden. She is going to be fuming when she gets back. Elora may not be there to welcome Apollo but everyone is loving him and are already friends. I already love the guy, if he could come to Perth to meet me that would be perfect thank you.

Keira is lost for words talking to Apollo but he is a bit young for her so it will never turn into anything serious. Jarrod regrets giving his rose to Simone since he is still caught up on Keira. The back and forth between these two is more than a tennis match, my head is starting to spin.


Simone is already all over Apollo in their first alone chat together. Flirt central and giggles yet super relaxed. He remembers her at the penis sticker girl from Matty’s season and thankfully they both have a good sense of humour to bounce off each other. Apollo and Simone are getting on so well that he asks her to go on his date with her. Sam and Tara are cheering them on in the background, they are like the cheer squad for everyone. Simone is so gullible, falling for all of Apollo’s stories and I love it. The best part about being blonde is that I believe it exempts you from looking dumb if you say something that stupid, well that’s what I think being a fellow blonde myself.

Thankfully Simone has got the date card before Elora gets back in paradise, but we are sure there is going to be some arguments over this. Elora thinks that Simone will back off from Apollo since they had a chat about how excited Elora is to meet him. When she finds out that is not the case, she becomes so mad that Simone is going on a date with him and also that she missed his arrival and is just fuming from her ears.

Elora has been back from her date for literally 0.01 seconds and she is swooping in with drinks in hand to chat with Apollo. Simone gets mad that Elora is chatting to him as if they were already committed to each other and jealousy is just everywhere in this love triangle.

Why is Sam digging the grass up? Must be really boring being in paradise, so he decided to build Tara a love shack. It is like the Notebook and it is so god-damn cute.


Jarrod organised a beach date to have some alone time together with Keira. He is always going back to Keira like they are each others back ups and last resort when they don’t like anyone else. It was very romantic and they make out, there are so many kisses, just stop.

Elora confronts Simone before her date with Apollo saying that she doesn’t want to be talked about on their date, to allow him to make up his own mind about her without gossip making her look bad.

On the date, they make sure to promote sun smart activities by applying sunscreen to each other, so sexual especially with a dreamy body like Apollo’s.  Will they fall for each other or is that just them in the kayak. Honestly their stability is shocking but they are both so relaxed that this date is going so well.

A storm is in full swing in paradise, just in time for the drama. Back from the date and Simone is instructed to debrief the girls and it quickly becomes an interrogation. Elora is obsessed with Apollo and it is a fight between her and Simone for his attention and opportunity to give him a rose.

So much drama and outside beef coming into paradise.

Until tomorrow Bachie lovers,


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