Bachelor In Paradise Ep 8 – Everything Has Flipped.

If you missed it through social media, Laurina has left the show, so only 1 girl is going home in tonights rose ceremony.

Jake and Megan are so much closer now that he turned down the date with Elora, and shockingly Jake is no where near any drama. That boy has come along way since the first episode.

Grant has now fully involved himself in Jarrod and Keira’s mess of a relationship, telling him to cut her off. Everyone is on watch out while Jarrod and Keira have a private chat, incase it all gets heated and she throws a tantrum at him, thankfully it wasn’t needed. Keira thinks she hasn’t done anything wrong to hurt Jarrod, hah babe what a joke. She just wants a light and fun relationship yet Jarrod is far from that and very intense. So they decide to be just friends and hi five to confirm.


Simone finally got her first date! And she’s taking Jarrod, he is so winning the breakup (there is always a winner and a loser in a break up, don’t kid yourself). Keira thinks they won’t last and he is going to get his heart broken again, but he ain’t her boy no more.

Their date starts with a cute walk along the beach to meet there instructor for yoga on a stand up paddle board, this is going to be interesting to say the least. He decides to be all manly carrying her out to the boards and he drops her, thankfully she finds it funny. That yoga looks so hard, I can already feel all my muscles hurting and I am just sitting on my couch in my trackies watching them. Simone is in the smallest bikini so we are sure Jarrod is getting a ‘noice’ view.

Anyways, he is looking super relaxed on the date, must be the absentee of Keira in the vicinity. His earlier conversation with Keira has changed him for the better and everything moves quickly in paradise. So quick that Simone and Jarrod have a passionate kiss, he has truely moved on.


Back in paradise, Michael hasn’t felt a connection with anyone yet and doesn’t know who he is going to give his rose to tonight. Most people are already spoken for and have built somewhat strong relationships, so there isn’t many options left for the singles, what if they want to get to know someone who is already in a ‘relationship’?

Eden is torn, liking the look of Elora and her curvaceous figure, but is still kind of with Nina. And Nina is still wishing that Daniel was in paradise. Will Eden stick to his safe option or change it up?

Our favourite person Osher appears, looking swish in blue to announce the rose ceremony.

Keira is serving some looks tonight and brought her A game, wearing her best dress as her possible final look in the show, in a short, low cut and sparkly number. If she could just upload it to The Volte for me to hire that would be perfect thank you. Jarrod shares his date experience with Simone to everyone and Keira is in trouble now that he has someone else to give a rose to. So she is having a chat with Michael as her last chance. Gawd I need Michael in my life to give me advice because he is always spot on, telling Keira that this is not survivor and the aim isn’t to get to the end, it is to find love. Michael has a plan that he was not fully open to sharing but he is thinking of giving a rose to Lisa. Will he respect Luke or change the game to follow his heart? Megan asked Luke and Lisa what would happen if they liked someone else who walked in and Luke confirmed that it would have to be someone special but is open to talking to others, and Lisa is now super confused as she thought she was solid with Luke.


Michael has a private chat with Lisa after Luke has given her doubts, how strategic. She thought Michael took a step back in the beginning after he realised Lisa and Luke were becoming something and she wished he had manned up, but looks like it is not too late. Michael has to figure out what his heart is telling him and just go for it. They must have some sort of friendship (or be seriously bored) with that long of a ‘secret handshake’.

Keira keeps getting rejected, and there are more tears. No one is interested in her and she keeps hopping from one boy to the next in hope to somehow find a connection and stay in paradise.

Eden is torn between Nina and Elora, and decides to have a very serious chat with Nina to establish what they are. She still doesn’t want to kiss anyone, and Eden doesn’t want to wait for a kiss, even though affection may seem to be what moves the relationship forward into something more serious. Is she being self centred? After that conversation I was not anymore clearer on their relationship but I hope Eden made up his mind.

Now excuse me production, but for the next episode can you turn the music down we cannot hear shiz! And what is with the rugrats soundtrack playing throughout the episode. Love some nostalgia but I want to hear what the contestants are saying and not have a 90’s dance party in my living room. Cool thanks.


Eden is first up in the rose ceremony, and he is so nervous. He starts giving a speech about how this is the hardest rose he has given, and chose to give his rose to Elora. Woah, woah. He has really done it. Everyone is eye balling each other in shock questioning if that really happened. Not what was expected at all. We thought Nina was his girl?

Jarrod, probably almost in love and starting to show his clinger side, gives a rose to Simone after their skimpy date and kiss earlier.

Michael, also gives a speech about how hard this decision is for him, there is no way he is going to do it! He gave his rose to Lisa. And Luke is shocked. We are so proud that he followed his heart, even if it meant dogging Luke. The camera man struggles to get the camera off the tripod and follow Michael as he walks off crying after making the decision. Tears of joy or sadness, who knows, it is a bit iffy.

Luke is last, with Nina and Keira left standing. “Everyone deserves a second chance”. No way he gave his rose to Keira. Mind blown. We did not think she was going to be staying in paradise but what a miracle, we all thought she was a goner.

Nina is sadly leaving paradise.

Until next week our Bachie babes and boys,


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