Bachelor In Paradise Ep 7 – Laurina’s Holiday Ruined by Bachelors

Bit of pool volleyball in paradise to fill the days. Apparently it is all drama free after the rose ceremony last night, must be because Daniel left. We are still internally cheering after that miracle of an event.

American Jared is shocked that he got a rose last night but now he has the opportunity to get to know Laurina and the other girls in paradise since he was a late arrival. Saying this, it seems Laurina hides away, like a ghost, in her room or by herself reading a book. How are boys meant to meet her and get to know her if they can’t even find her? She may just be in this for the holiday and not the opportunity to find love, which is a bit disappointing. Isn’t the whole point of the show is to meet new potential relationship?


After last nights ceremony, Keira wants Jarrod to find love which is why she gave him a rose to find another girl to set his heart on.

After the rose ceremony last night, Leah’s tried to go in for a kiss with boy #3 but was rejected by Michael, and she is feeling the shame. Michael hasn’t felt any emotional connection with anyone just yet so we are hoping a lover comes in soon for the sensitive boy.

Welcome Elora the fire dancing, Tahitian goddess. Initial reaction is that Elora likes the look of Luke and Jake, with his smouldering eyes. Luke was open about him and Lisa so that was shut down very quickly. Jake brought up that he was close with Megan, and Elora doesn’t know who to go with since she has been declined by both of her first picks. That is the issue coming into paradise so far in already, there are only a few options left for the late comers.


Elora and Megan are having a private chat and everyone in paradise is all eyes, will they  go on a date since they are both openly Bi? Nope, false alarm, Elora is asking to take Jake on a date. Awks, Megan thought she was getting asked out. At least Elora asked first before going straight out and asking for a date with her boy, but to Elora’s disappointment Jake declined the date. What a slap in the face. But Jake committing to a girl, wowza, he must be serious about Megan.

Elora has to find someone else to take on her date. Will her one on one time with Michael be her choice? Is there a connection? Leah is mad that Michael has accepted the date offer with Elora, but she is just upset that she has now been rejected by 4 guys (recap: Davey, Mack, Grant and Michael). Leah is going to have to work to get a rose for the next ceremony, and latch on to any possibility of her staying in paradise.

Elora and Michael go on a date that involves making glassware. There are so many innuendos being a very sexual like process, with all of the kinky rolling, massaging and blowing involved. “Size is all that counts” “ohh that feels good” are we now watching a porno? Children cover your eyes and ears! Michael wants to see what Elora’s blowing technique is like, it is not for her capabilities in glass making that’s all we are saying.


Keira doesn’t want to be selfish but doesn’t know how she will feel if Jarrod connected with someone else. This girl just cannot make up her mind, no wonder Jarrod is so confused about her.

Welcome Simone. We hope she gets at least one date this season, but her nice little red number is making all the boys stare so it looks hopeful. Jarrod loves a blonde and he is already so keen on her, and the girl has literally just walked in. During some alone time, Simone clears up her mind by asking what a vineyard is, just to be sure she knows what his livelihood is about, and they had a good laugh or a snort with the conversation.

Back at Michael and Elora’s date, it is all going well but there is no spark as of yet and no kiss to report back to paradise. What a boring result from a date.

Keira is throwing Jarrod in and out of her net, using him like a pawn, and Grant is letting him know what is up. Guess it is hard to see the truth when you are being played. Keira sees Jarrod and Grant talking and immediately swoops in to know what they were discussing. Perfect time after a few cocktails to confront Grant. “Be careful I have a drink in my hand” ohh what a threat, a fruity cocktail to the face, is that the best you got? Although all we are watching as this unfolds are her titties as she storm around, it doesn’t look cold in paradise so why are they so pointy? She is so mad she has been caught out and now Jarrod is fully aware. Keira didn’t want to be talked about or spoken for and she is getting very loud mouthed, shouting names and insults.  The craziest part, Jarrod thinks her blowing up is cute. Mate, we just can’t with him. GET OVER HER!


Date card walks in and it is for Laurina who has 10 minutes to get ready and chose a date, but she has her eye mask on so she doesn’t want to go. I am all about a good skin care routine and the odd day that all you want to do is go to bed, but she is on a dating show not on holidays. Laurina is upset that this date was sprung on her with no time to prepare, and she doesn’t like any of the guys in paradise. Maybe if she got out and talked to them she might make a connection.

Feeling a bit frustrated with many of the girls after this episode.

We hope this upcoming rose ceremony sorts them out.

Edit:  Laurina left paradise that night and we wish her all the best. Check out the screen shots for details x

Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 7.10.41 am

Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 7.09.53 am



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