Bachelor In Paradise Ep 4 – Why You Lying Jake?!

This episode begins with Megan and Jake walking in from their blind date and it is already full drama. Flo’s gone all jealous spotting makeup on Jake’s white shirt at their very serious chat, that ended with her trusting him. Oh honey!

Now that Jarrod is all smitten with Ali, Keira is worried that Jarrod is going to chose Ali over her at the upcoming rose ceremony. He’s got 2 lovely ladies in his site and he looks like he isn’t going to be playing them (such a breath of fresh air!). Jarrod, such a gentleman.

Anyway, he finally chooses who he goes on his date with, taking Ali on a dance and dine date. In his words “she’s really smoking hot” and we can’t deny it, those two look like they are sweating so badly, it ain’t pretty. He openly cannot dance but A+ for effort Jarrod!


You will never guess who is telling fibs to the ladies again. Jake is always lying. Telling Flo that him and Megan are just friends when she is going around telling people the real story that they had a pash sesh at the end of their date. Boy, he’s going to end in trouble.


Mack is very unsure about Leah, it seems that she doesn’t want to settle in a couple yet and keep her options open, which is playing with Mack’s head a bit. He’s heart wants Ali but being the nice guy he is feels obliged to give a rose back to Leah. If you want our opinion, this isn’t the time to be the nice guy and be walked all over.

Leah asks Mack the tough questions, like if he got a date card who will the take? She openly admits that she would take Michael over Mack if the chance for a date card arose, and he looked shattered. What a slap in the face!

Apparently Jake is loving chats with Flo, gee what a compliment. Thank gosh Wice is out giving some well needed advice to Flo saying that we live with the consequences of our decisions and telling Flo that she is stronger than that.


During Jarrod and Ali’s date, they discuss how they plan on finding love on this show, that they don’t want to rush anything and won’t go around kissing every possible lover. Their connection is pretty obvious when they get back to paradise and they’re both grinning from ear to ear, it is almost cringe worthy.

Angry Flo comes out to play when she is finally sick of hearing Jake’s lies through the grape vine and throws Champagne at him, what a waste! Sadly we didn’t get to see visuals since it was behind closed doors.


The announcement of a Rose Ceremony by Osher brings out all the floral shirts from the boys, and Flo walking out in her best show stopping “I’m sorry for throwing a drink at you” outfit. She knows that Jake won’t be able to resist now, because dayum!

Flo isn’t the only one looking fabulous tonight, check out all the boys gawking over Ali. Honestly boys, chins up, no one likes a drooler. Michael, Mack and Jarrod all have their hearts out for Ali, trying to get some alone time with her. It’s a bit of a sword fight to say the least.


During a quiet chat together, Mack was gobsmacked when Ali admitted that she genuinely wants to get to know him, something Leah barely showed interest in. A stunner and kind, no wonder all the boys are surrounding her.

Honest Jarrod broke Keira’s heart at the cocktail party, telling her that he was going to chose Ali over her. This really messed with her confidence and brought the water works. It’s not a good feeling when all the boys are after one girl and she now has no one. We hated seeing her cry.


First up to give a rose is Mack, who of course chose Ali, to Leah’s surprise, and sent Jarrod and Michael into stress city, since Ali was also their first options too. At least Kira got to stay but is obviously a second option.

All the previews suggested that Blake said the wrong name, and he didn’t even say a girls name in the competition. Who is Alora? You’ve really messed up forgetting Laurina’s name now. Can’t wait to see the aftermath of this mess up in the next instalment.

Jake breaks down during the rose ceremony as one by one, the roses are handed out and he still hasn’t made a decision. He tries to get Michael to choose Flo so that he can choose Megan and screw them both around for a while, thank god Michael isn’t playing that game. Jakey boy has to decide, being the last rose to give out, and picks Megan. Maybe you shouldn’t have thrown a drink in his face Flo.

Until next episode,


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