Bachelor In Paradise Ep 5 – The American Shake-up

A few days in and everything isn’t as peachy as it seems in beautiful paradise. The singles are looking for new potential lovers and the couples aren’t progressing as much as expected, so there needs to be a bit of a shake up. And it is coming in perfect time.

Not too many happy about Mack’s decision at the rose ceremony, giving his rose to Ali. Jarrod is taking a step back from the drama has decided to focus on his relationship with Keira. Looks like her doesn’t want to fight for Ali anymore.

Our first newbie for the day is Grant the firefighter. He’s already been on the Bachelor and a Bachelor in Paradise in America, where he was previously engaged, but not anymore! He is back in the Bachie realm since he “trusts the process” but also loves the Aussie attitude and outlook on life. Best of all he is walking in with a date card.


He comes in being unknown by everyone since the Australians had some interaction with each other before the show began filming. It’s very unfamiliar for everyone, and very unsettling to say the least. Jarrod is so intimidated by the firefighter. Everyone is stressing and very threatened, and the girls are loving it. How the tables have turned from last nights ceremony where the boys had all the power, and now they are being invaded by the American stud.

Fluttering ovaries all over the place, Grant is such a gentleman chatting with the boys first before making a decision for his date. It is a case of 20 questions as he is surrounded by all the girls and decides to have a private chat with Lisa, with Luke trying to hide the fact that he’s a little jealous, but turns out he’s chatting with all the ladies and wasting no time we see. Leah swoops in as he goes to chat to Keira and she’s pissed, Keira’s seen gorgeous and had that taken from her.

It’s raining in paradise, but that isn’t stopping Mack and Ali going for a swim and having a chat. Jarrod is also pissed off that Ali was stolen from him by Mack. He just put in more effort than Jarrod did. The crowd watching above chanting for them to kiss, but Ali ain’t kissing any boy just yet.


Grant likes how forward Leah is, and chose to go on his date with her and she is stocked. Jarrod is happy too since the new guy didn’t get a chance to speak to Keira and steal his ‘girl’. She is still annoyed that she is he’s second choice since Mack took his #1 Ali, Jarrod has some work to put in if he is going to keep a lady. Keira seems to think that the only people that talk to her now are only looking to get a rose. She has to keep her options open, with the certainty of more intruders coming in soon.

Leah, and us, are dying to see Grant’s abs and cannot wait for him to take his shirt off. WOWZA! That boy has some seriously chiselled abs. Holding hands while snorkelling, so cute. The American accent just makes everything he says better and more sexy. Grant, aka Mr Smooth, asked for a kiss and got one from Leah, during the best date he has been on. She is connecting with this boy way more than any other in the series, it is exactly what she needed, and we are blushing just watching their date.


Back in paradise, Michael has stolen Ali for his own organised date of champagne and cheese. It is a bit awkies that Mack and Michael are roommates and are both after Ali, that is too close for comfort. Ali doesn’t know if she likes one better than the other and it is very overwhelming for her. She doesn’t want to be going around kissing two different boys and in paradise everyone knows what is happening and all putting in their input. There is no escaping anything here.

Fresh meat coming in again and he is a unit according to Jarrod. We welcome Daniel the Canadian. He is already ruffling up feather and is going to eff everything up. He is looking like Dracular coming to steal your girl, Sam’s words not ours, but very true. He does not look like he is here for a relationship, more just to ruin everything and make some good content for us to watch.


Keira is keen as on Daniel and Jarrod is stressing, yet again. He has got himself in a bit of a mess letting Ali go and now watching Keira keeping her options open and chatting with the new boy. Daniel believes that his date card is for someone he wants to get to know better, to see if he likes them or not, so Keira isn’t going to get it since he already feels a connection with her. Thankfully she knows that dates don’t equal roses, and the ladies have the power for the next rose ceremony anyways.

Update from last weeks episode, Megan and Jake are all cute and kissy, but she isn’t feeling anything deeper than the hots for him. Maybe it will develop but will have to wait and see how it progresses. Laurina is not really talking to Blake since he forgot her name. Fair enough girl, he is not worth it. She is not into him at all and he has no words, is he dumb, does he talk, does he have feelings? Who the hell knows?! He downloads to a few others in paradise instead of telling her that he is upset that his thing with Laurina has ended. They are both back at square 1.

Turns out that the two new boys, the American and the Canadian, are already mates. Oh no, how the dynamics have changed. Looks like these alpha males are about to cause all sorts of drama. Get your popcorn ready.


Having a date card with his arrival, Daniel is taking Nina on the date. Eden didn’t put in the effort with her and she is super excited to finally go on a proper date. It is pouring with rain and they are crossing the flowing river to get to the hot springs. This is not cute at all, although according to Daniel Canadians can do anything. Thankfully a local spots them and says that it is not safe to cross, even though Daniel would have died for love, ergh we have no words for this guy *eye roll*. So instead they have gone to a spa for their date, and he just wants to see her nakey nakey naked. He is not as subtle as the Aussie boys, thankfully Nina is standing her ground and isn’t kissing him.


Ali hasn’t felt that emotional spark and is trying to let both Mack and Michael down easy. She hated hurting them but it is for the best since him and Michael were literally fighting over her like they were 2 year-olds fighting over the last toy. Ali needs her own space and is now a free agent, watch out boys!

Sam gets a date card with the obvious choice of Tara, and away they go. They are making personality cocktails, choosing a drink to suit the other based on who they are. Sam is apparently an acquired taste but she has grown to like it. They want to kiss each other but will they? He has made her a very strong drink and now they are talking about going to each others huts later. Wait, they are being serenaded and it is scaring her how committed this is, and they’re kissing *internal cheering woo girl* they have now progressed into something more. Gah so cute!


Back with the singles, no one is certain who they are giving a rose to in the next ceremony, and the boys are completely lost. Mack and Jarrod have a blow out and are not friends at all, with Jarrod calling Mack was a dog, for ‘stealing’ Ali. A clash of personalities and the feud has begun.

How so much has changed in one episode.

Until tomorrow night,



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