Bachelor In Paradise Ep 3 – The Awaited Arrival of Jarrod

We are back in sunny paradise for another day with the bachelors and bachelorettes, oh how this week has been too long in anticipation! Finally an answer to all of our questions and reactions from the rose ceremony in the previous episode.

The episode begins with everyone relaxing around the villas and enjoying paradise (like that is hard to do), with Keira reading peoples taro cards. This draws the attention of Michael, who is somehow besties with all the girls and is a rare site to see him chatting and opening up with the boys. The arrival of a date card for Keira, and the lovely chats that her and Michael have had initiates their first date.

Riding horses along the beach, how original. At least they get some super stylish hats to dull down the romantic. Further in the date, it is kinda obvious that Michael is not into Keira as much as she is into him, and now he’s on a date and left Tara back at the villa. Keira seems to think that Michael is exactly her type but if your last 3 relationships are similar to him, why would you go back to that type? It obviously isn’t working.


Tara and Sam began brushing off the fact that they were low key fuming that their ‘other halves’ from last nights rose ceremony were on a date together. Heart break and ranting are the start to a true bond and potential relationship right? Tara would have preferred to have a “respectful checkin” with Michael before he left but it is too late for that, she is now spending the day flipping all of her previous views and opinions. And Tara is bonding with Sam on the swing as he covers his balls with a pillow, how classy, thankfully there was no spillage.

The first arrival of the episode is the one we have been waiting for even before the show aired and all that we had was sneaky preview ads. In walks Jarrod, and the reaction he got was priceless, quick thinking by Blake finding and gifting a nearby pot plant to make him feel welcome. Jarrod is sporting a new ‘casual’ look with the stubble and wants to showcase his true cruisey and relaxed personality… um what?! Let’s see how long it takes for his stage 5 clinger trait to start shining through.


Not too long later we welcome season 1 Bachie Ali. #babetown. She has caught all the boys attention and looks like Jarrod is already in love, told you it wouldn’t take long. Malibu Barbie, so tall and blonde, is not playing games though, she knows exactly what she wants and she wants it ASAP. Marriage and babies. The next 10 minutes or so are pretty much all the boys gawking over her and trying to get some alone time.

Jarrod has thought about how is going to strike up conversations, and has obviously been watching some Netflix during his heartbreak referencing 13 Reasons Why with his one blue nail. It has worked a treat being able to chat with babe Ali, where he felt SPA-ARKS. A 2 syllable ‘sparks’ must truly be incredible. Now Jarrod has to make a decision whether he is going to take Ali or Keira, (who he has been getting along with and she has been flirting like crazy) on his date.


Since the guys have the power in the upcoming rose ceremony, there has been a big change now that they are no longer just trying to stay another day in paradise, and the girls are not liking it at all. They just aren’t getting the attention anymore, especially Flo who is fuming since Jake hasn’t spoken to her all day. Looks like some ladies are going to have to put in some work.

After Michael and Keira’s date, Michael was literally right back to Tara. Too bad she had the best day with Sam and is no longer that interested in him. She told him straight everything she thought, but now he is hurt that she wasn’t eagerly waiting for his return on his date. A lot can happen when you aren’t there Michael.

Next we welcome Megan, who has so many options being a swinger and liking both guys and girls. Cannot wait to see how the dynamics of the group change when she arrives in the villa. But it seems like she isn’t walking in yet, oh no no no. Osher has other ideas to spice up this weeks content and draw out the episode. Megan gets to look at a menu of personality traits from those already in the villa to choose who she goes on a first date with. Talk about a real blind date. Out of the list she chose the person who is cheeky. Now in many experiences cheeky is not good and is almost always associated with drama, and yes she chose Jake.

Meg on the date with Jake is expecting that he is going to give her a rose since they have bonded so much. She has a lot to catch up on before she falls for this guy, she hasn’t even entered paradise yet but hey they have already had a cheeky neck on so lets just add fuel to the fire.

Cannot wait to see Flo’s reaction in the next instalment.


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