Bachelor In Paradise Recap Ep 1 – Bula Ladies and Gents!

We are back with another installment of our bachie recap series, this time on the highly awaited Bachelor in Paradise. We just couldn’t resist writing about this new show (new for Australia anyways) that brought back some of OUR previous loves from seasons before. There was no way that we were going to miss this! Popcorn and a glass of wine at the ready.

May I just start that Osher looks fresh with the new ‘do and hawaiian shirt. I always prefer a man in a suit but we are in paradise, and you have to wear the hawaiian shirt when surrounded by palm trees. Duh!

And all these scenic shots of the island are making me seriously jealous, I am in desperate need of a holiday! If anyone wants to join me hit a girl up. Somewhere tropical?

Tara is straight to the point, and I am living for it. Someone get that girl a drink, some fresh meat and a fan. That great pickup line “I am so sweaty, like an overweight man” I wonder how well that works. I may need to give it a go in my Tinder messages this week and hope it doesn’t require the paradise location to work, otherwise I am going to look real creepy. 


Despite the fact that the show is made up of our favourites from previous bachelor seasons, Wais is now our favourite person on the show. Send us to Fiji to chat with our main man. I hope he makes more appearances, but at this rate he has already had more airtime than Brett did on his season of the Bachelorette, and we like Wais better.

Speaking of Brett, ahem, what are you doing?! You can’t be on this show with a girlfriend, or did you not read before signing the contract. Sign here to drink cocktails and make dollars, done. The poor girlfriend back at home, I hope she wooped your ass.

Florence. Dayum! DAYUM! She is a stunner. Too bad she gets caught up in all the drama. Do you think everyone’s stalked each other on the social meeds before going on the show? Because I am 90% sure that everyone has stalked Flo and already knows her better than they know anyone else there.

Davey is making moves quickly in the show, already going on 2 dates and trying to exchange bungalow numbers in the first day. Is that a bit premature? He’s working hard to secure a rose, too bad it blows up in his face. Quick tip: girls don’t normally like players, especially being played on national television. Shock.

Great to see Mack pays alot of attention, I understand that some guys are less observant than others but wow she wasn’t even in a two piece. Lets hope he was just lost in Leah’s eyes instead of remembering what she was wearing.


Didn’t know watermelon was the fruit of choice, but I am digging Blake’s look! Makes him look less douchey and takes away from the fact he used 4×50% to describe himself, I’m guessing maths isn’t his strong suit or do we now add up to 200. At least he is different than the linen shirts every other guy is wearing. We get it, you’re in paradise. 

So many memories together, like dumping you on national tv. Ouch. Shots fired from Osher! I hope he continues with these sassy comments though, at least he can get away with saying stuff like that. 


Leah came on the show looking for a good time and sadly she didn’t get a good time on the date. It was always going to be awkward just watching people twirl some fire around and that’s it. And what a sad kiss that was. Such a let down. Although in saying that, haven’t we all been on some horrible dates with some bad kisses. I feel for you Leah.

We have been watching for literally 20 minutes and there is already a love square. Flo, Davey, Leah,  Jake, I cannot wait to see what happens. This is promising a good season. 

Oh and welcome Kiera to paradise.

The ladies have the power! Who are they going to chose? Who is going home? Argh I am so excited for the next episode.

As we await for the next episode with the rose ceremony, check out all of the latest looks on The Volte.

The Volte Squad x

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