Happy ‘Straya Day

It is the day when we all go a little more bogan than usual, but secretly love it.

Happy Australia Day!

We have no excuse but to indulge in our fav aussie foods, even after making it through the holiday season where we feel like it was not possible to eat anymore.

It is a smorgasbord of snaggas, prawns, lamingtons and the odd Tim Tam, to be washed down with a beer or two.

The song of choice is no other than Horses by our mate Daryl. You will see the true Australian culture when this song comes on. You will also see the same reaction when Nollsy’s What About Me makes an appearance. #nollsywasrobbed


We all have our own ways of celebrating our national day, many outside in the bliss Australian sun sitting by the beach or backyard pool with a few bevvies, some snaggas on the barbie and some good ol’ banter with friends and family.

It is the one day where dressing up in the country’s colours or flag and walking around in your bathers at any time is accepted and encouraged. Australian themed bikinis with those temporary tattoos all of your body, complete with the hat umbrella and thongs. It is a special look that we all appreciate and are not afraid to rock with confidence.

As most of the country debates the cultural sensitivity of what day to celebrate the country, I believe that the best part is now we get two consecutive days to celebrate our great culture… Aussie Day and Triple J Hottest 100 Day. Oh what a time to be alive. That is two days of celebrating our great country in the only way we know how.


Grab a drink and cheers to our great nation, and all of its beauty.

The Volte Squad x

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