Black Friday B*tches! Sale Time!

It’s the day after Thanksgiving and you know what that means? This is the time to snap up some incredible bargins online and in stores. But Black Friday isn’t just black because its, argueablely, the first day when retailers finally turn over a profit for the year (“go into the black”). It’s because of an infamous day back in 1869 in Wall Street.


The term “Black Friday” was originally associated to September 24, 1869. Two ruthless financiers, Jay Gould and Jim Fisk, bought up all America’s gold thinking the prices would sky-rocket. However, when word got out about their plan the stock market crashed hard. But you may be thinking, but that was in September not November?


The Black Friday name didn’t become associated to this day until 1966, when a story in a newspaper said the Philadelphia Police Department had used it to describe the traffic jams and crowding around stores due the huge post-Thanksgiving sales!


The Volte is embracing Black Friday for the mad-craze that it is and hosting a huge designer sale! One more sleep till you can get your hands on Alexis, Self Portrait, Zimmermann and more for heavily discounted prices.

Self Portrait

What’s even better than renting a beautiful designer dress at an affordable price? OWNING it, of course! From tomorrow head to our “edit” section and select “dresses for sale” and view all the dresses available for purchase. Click it the dress you like to view the “buy it now” price. You won’t want to miss this supersale, with some dresses discounted up to 80% off! Say what!? 

All of these gorgeous dresses and many more are available now. Credit cards at the ready. On your marks…

The Volte Squad x

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