Marriage Vote: Androgynous Fashion

Australians on the Electoral Roll will today receive their forms for the Same-Sex Marriage Vote in the mail. This is an exciting time for gender equality advocates despite some recent backlash in the High Court of Australia and Parliament. Whether or not you agree with the process of a postal vote to decide the fate of this issue, this is an opportunity for Australians to finally have their say.

In honour of Same-Sex Marriage we take a look back on the history of Androgynous Fashion:

Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 1.39.27 pm

Coco Channel was the forerunner in Androgynous fashion in the early 1900s, around the Suffragette movement. Ditching the tight-corsets and heavy, layered gowns, Chanel was inspired by men’s fashion. Light fabrics, crisp collaring, and simple silhouettes were the basis of Chanel’s designs, including the gift of pants. TIME magazine said Chanel was the first to “mix the vocabulary of male and female clothes.”

After the rigid stereotyping in the 50s, gender fluid fashion paved way for the second-wave feminist movement. It was Yves Saint Laurent’s muse Violetta Sanchez’s comments on unisex fashion that influenced other designers to look toward the, arguably, inevitable future. “It was quite something for the stuffy bourgeois set to see women ‘take possession of a man’s attire, and the freedom it gave her. It took her out of that spot where she was fragile.”

Flash-forward to the Nineties, or “Naughties” as some call it, and the outburst of grunge and punk rock saw grown men wearing eye-liner and women wearing combat boots and chains. The pop culture and the music industry of the time blurred the lines of gender definitions.

Today, Androgynous fashion dominates magazine pages, blogs, red carpets, and Hollywood. Celebrities like Ruby Rose and Kristen Stewart are icons for LGBT communities all over the world and they truly know how to rock the look.

Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 1.35.40 pm.png

It’s all about being comfortable and laid back. Loose fitting shirts and blazers are great if you want to achieve a “gender relaxed” style. Jumpsuits and tailored trims are so popular at the moment for formal events.

At the Volte we support Same-Sex marriage and we think you deserve to feel amazing in whatever you wear, whatever your style.

Happy voting!

The Volte Squad x


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