Bachie’s Best Bits

The Internet went into lockdown when new Bachelor, Matty J, posted a shirtless sweaty picture on his Instagram account on Monday.

Ladies all over the country are itching for the new season of The Bachelor Australia, to watch the beloved Matty J search for the woman of his dreams.

Last season of The Bachelorette Australia saw Matty dumped by TV journalist Georgia Love in the finale episode for the other finalist, Lee Elliot. We are pretty sure all fans of the show shed a collective tear when we watched poor Matty’s heart break.

In honour of the new season we have put together a rundown of the best contestants and moments from the last four seasons of this highly intellectually stimulating show.

  1. Tim Robards’ extremely good looks

When season 1 of The Bachelor Australia was announced, the ovaries of our country’s female population went into overdrive. With the success of the show in the US, Australia jumped on the bandwagon, selecting Tim Robards as our first Bachelor.

It appeared as if Tim had stepped directly out of an erotic novel with those rugged looks, chiseled jaw and toned physique… and then he flashed his pearly whites. We were sold.

Image source: Network Ten

The winner for Season 1 in 2013, Anna Heinrich (right) stole Tim’s heart from the beginning and this year they have announced their engagement (awwwwww!).

2. Laurina. Enough said. 

In 2014, our Bachelor was knight-in-shining-armour-turned-asshole Blake Garvey, who proposed to finalist and now radio host Sam Frost but retracted the proposal before the show even aired.

What is a reality show without a resident Diva though (no, we’re not talking about Blake)? Contestant Laurina Fleure certainly added her flare (or should we say ‘fleure’) of sass to the show. Always perfectly preened, Laurina will always be remembered for the moment she chucked an adult tanty when Blake took her for a “dirty street pie” for dinner.

Don’t worry Laurina, we wouldn’t take that treatment either – especially not in a designer dress from the Volte. Disappointing again, Blake.

3. Heather’s superhero date with Bachelor Sam 

Season 3 of The Bachelor saw an array of beautiful women vow for Bachelor Sam Wood’s heart. One contestant in particular caught our eye. You either loved her or hated her but actress Heather Maltman definitely made sure her experience on the show wasn’t a mild one.

After receiving the coveted “white rose” aka “first impression rose” on the first night, Heather decided to wait a few weeks to use the rose to take Sam out on a date. Instead of the Bachelor planning the date, the white rose meant the roles were reversed and it was Heather’s turn to organise the activities for the day. So, in her usual quirky style, she dresses Sam and herself in basic and ever-so-unexciting superhero costumes for a clumsy photoshoot.

Nice one, Heather, we’ll note that in our notebooks for next time. Alternatively, you can rent a more appealing designer dress for a date, along with a tailored suit for your beau from The Volte. Up to you though, Heather.

4. Keira. Yep, her. 

We spoke about divas but villains are also an essential element of an entertaining show. In 2016, Bachelor Richie Strahan met possibly the scariest woman in his life, Sydneysider Keira Maguire. This contestant was like no other viewers had seen before, constantly licking her pouty lips and throwing out one-liners we couldn’t believe she had said confidently for national TV.

Source: Giphy

At the end of that year it was revealed Keira had splurged $22,000 on plastic surgery, including botox, lip fillers, eyebrow tattooing and a nose job.

We can think of better ways to spend your money to still look good *cough* The Volte designer dress hire *cough*.

5. Richie chooses Alex instead of Nikki 

With TV psychics and commentators predicting Nikki Gogan to win Richie’s heart and Season 4 of the Bachelorette, tipsters were betting big bucks on this season.

It wasn’t until we saw Nikki’s red dress spilling out of the first limo on the finale episode that we realised we had all been majorly duped. We then had to go through the pain of watching Nikki’s dreams be crushed by Richie’s words of rejection.

It was then that Alex Nation emerged from her limo, falling into the muscular arms of the Bachelor to be told she was “the one”.

Still the biggest conspiracy in Australian television to this date. #TeamNikki always.

You might not be a contestant on the new season but you can still turn heads. Hire a designer dress, playsuit or gown from The Volte and you will surely nab yourself your own Bachie.

Happy hiring Volte Cult!

Madeline Palmer

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