5 Minutes with: Carlie Bellamy from One Hairy Lady

Cool, calm, collected and crazy – Carlie Bellamy is one creative woman! Hairdresser by day and art lover by night, Carlie knows how to achieve effortless “I woke up like this” style.

We chat to Carlie about the easiest fashion and hair hacks to stay on trend this Autumn.

V: Carlie, what inspired you to become a hair stylist?

C: When I was a little, I watched my mum do her OTT hair and make-up (it was the 80’s) and completely transform herself with different looks. I love that we can tweak ourselves to give a fresh and different look with the change of a cut or colour.

V: How will rental couture change the industry and the fashion world?

C: I think it’s a MASSIVE game changer. It gives everyone a chance to feel luxurious, and special no matter your budget. Rental couture is making the unattainable, attainable. It’s very exciting.

V: What are some of the main hair dos and don’ts you swear by?

C: My biggest hair DO is to get to know your own personal style. When I started in early 2000’s EVERYONE had polka straight, bleached blonde hair.. The biggest change I’ve seen is woman embracing what they’ve naturally got and just enhancing it.. It makes my job so much more fun and interesting.

V: How would you define style? What determines if something is stylish or not? 

C: I feel style and confidence go hand in hand. I think woman are far greater risk takers these days, which if FANTASTIC! I’m a huuuuge Gorman fan, and am very confident wearing my lobster one piece to the beach. My gorgeous friends are far more sophisticated and rock a sexy, black bikini. All different, all confident, therefore all stylish.

V: Oh no! Winter is on its way and that means damp hair days! Help! How do I combat the frizz?

C: To combat frizz, it’s all about the foundation. You hair needs to be primed for the day, like your face.. I ALWAYS put some kind of smoother/hydrate cream into wet hair before I even think about styling. It means your base will be smooth, and most products these days have great humidity barriers. My favourite winter smoothers are Davroe Straight balm, and Morrocan Oil Hydrate cream for hair that’s a little more coarse.

V:  What is your go-to hair style for pairing with a gorgeous dress at a formal event?

C: Up ladies! Put your hair up! Show your beautiful necks, faces and dress lines. It’s also a bit more party proof as waves/curls tend to flatten or drop by end of the night.

V: Any final tips for our Volte community?

C: Be brave! Pick dresses you probably wouldn’t normally, wear a daring shade of lippy and have fun! #girlpower

Carlie is the latest boss babe to join the #voltesquad and has kindly shared some of her awesome skills with us in our Vlog Hair series, coming soon to the blog!

Here at the Volte we are all about making style easy, fast and affordable so Carlie has designed three hair looks that pair with any dress, any occasion – stay tuned!

Follow Carlie’s creations on her instagram here!

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